Applied Innovation and Research in
Vocational Education and Training

AIRinVET Interviews in Progress

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March 2023 


AIRINVET Interviews in Progress 

Are you a vocational education provider organization actively engaged in applied research activities? 

We are currently conducting interviews to understand how your organization carries out its applied research activities. Our aim is to map the diverse range of activities undertaken by VET centers, identify the involved actors, comprehend the generated outputs, evaluate assessment processes, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing activities. 

By participating in this mapping initiative, you are contributing to a forward-thinking and practical comprehension of applied research in VET. Your insights, along with those from other interviewees, will enhance opportunities and perspectives on applied research within the VET domain. This collective understanding will play a crucial role in improving the landscape of applied research in VET, particularly within your sector and in the European Union. It will foster better mutual understanding across different communities and potentially influence how the EU addresses applied research in the VET sector. 

For further information about the interview process, you can access the interview information sheet HERE