Applied Innovation and Research in
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AIRinVET Training: Equipping VET Professionals for SME Collaboration

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From January 23rd to 25th, 2024, a training session unfolded in Hamburg, aimed at enriching VET educators with strategies for integrating Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) into the realm of Applied Innovation & Research (AIR). This immersive experience sought to equip teachers, trainers, and managers with the essential tools to amplify SMEs' awareness of the potential of AIR within VET institutions. 

Welcoming a cohort of 12 participants, predominantly from VET institutions in the Basque Country and Germany, the training spanned two days of engaging site visits and a culminating day of insightful lectures and workshops.

Site Visits: The journey commenced with visits to various educational and research facilities. Participants explored the intricacies of VET at the BS04 School, delving into industrial mechatronics and metal technology. Witnessing exemplary projects integrating research methodologies into VET practices, participants gained invaluable insights into the collaborative dynamics between students, teachers, and industry professionals. A captivating presentation on the German apprenticeship dual system further enriched their understanding of VET methodologies and their adaptability to applied research.

Training Day: The highlight of the training came on the final day, featuring a comprehensive program comprising five distinct blocks facilitated by AIRinVET project partners.

In the first block, participants engaged in a stakeholder mapping exercise, shedding light on existing partnerships and potential collaboration avenues. This hands-on activity not only provided a visual representation of their network but also identified areas ripe for further engagement.

The subsequent blocks navigated participants through an introspective analysis of their institutions' AIR capabilities, interactive lectures on AIRinVET initiatives in Germany, and practical strategies for cultivating an AR mindset and fostering fruitful partnerships with SMEs.

This transformative training not only equipped VET educators with practical strategies for integrating SMEs into applied research but also fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas and best practices. As participants departed, they carried with them newfound insights and a strengthened commitment to advancing innovation within VET through meaningful collaborations with SMEs.

AIRinVET training for teachers