Applied Innovation and Research in
Vocational Education and Training

Intervention 1: Innovation projects with SMEs in the Basque Country

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To enhance competitiveness of Applied Research ecosystems through best practices, gaining from project partners’ experiences. We have gathered insights from 52 VET centres across 20 countries, and validated our findings through literature review and consultations with partner institutions. We now launch 5 interventions to improve current approaches to vocational education and training through applied research and innovation. 

The first intervention is organized by project partners TKNIKA, IMH and AFM. Join the “Innovation projects with SMEs in the Basque Country” online event on the 19th of March from 10:00 to 13:45 (GMT+1 ).  

What can you expect? 

  • An overview of educational and industry policies shaping innovation projects with SMEs. 

  • Understanding the phases involved in completing innovation projects with SMEs within the Basque VET system. 

  • Information on how to create conducive conditions for SME collaboration with VET centers in conducting innovation projects. 


10:00-10:15      Existing education and industry policies for applied research projects - Rikardo Lamadrid (Basque Government)  

10.15-10.50      Description of the Basque ecosystem on applied research projects - Pili Alonso (Tknika)  

10:50-11:30      Bronymec example: SME Needs and Collaboration with a VET centre - Amaia de Castro (Bronymec) & Oier Uriarte (IMH LHII)  

11:30-11:45      Don Bosco LHII example: Management of SME needs by a VET centre - Miren Canellada  (Don Bosco LHII)  

11:45-13:00      Break  

13:00-13:30      Reflection session - Iñigo Mujika (Tknika) 

Moderator: Josu Riezu (AFM) 


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