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Project Meeting Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Transnational Project Meeting AIRinVET
Katapult Office, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The AIRinVET project partners met each other in the office of Katapult, Utrecht, the Netherlands on 27 and 28 September 2023. The meeting was very fruitful: besides discussing the progress of all WorkPackages, we discussed the mapping of Applied and Innovative Research within Vocational Education and Training, as well as the development of the Decision Tree we are working on.
Watch the summary video here.

The AIRinVET Interviews are conducted to map the Applied and Innovative Research that is already taking place within VET Education. The Case studies are published to inspire institutions of VET education as well as SMEs who might be interested to collaborate in doing Applied and Innovative Research. They show us examples of how this collaboration could look, and what is possible - one and one are often three, because together, VET institutions and SMEs come to new insights and innovations. Are you interested in what kind of Applied and Innovative Research is already going on within VET Education? Would you like to learn from the Best Practices from others? Keep an eye on our mapping at our website. 

The Decision Tree is meant as a tool for VET institutions and SMEs, to help them to discuss what could be needed to start a cooperation including Applied and Innovative Research, is almost finalized as well. Of course, also this Decision Tree will be published on our website.

Next to that, all partners were involved in a training about the Four Dimensions Model of Katapult, facilitated by Yorrick van Bree, Katapult. The 4 deminsions that need to be taken into account when cooperating in Public Private Partnerships, doing Applied and Innovative Research together, are:

- Activities and Offer
- Market
- Business
- People, Partners and Organization

Curious about that training?
More information about that will be published soon.


 The Next Transnational Project Meeting will take place on 23 and 24 January in Hamburg.

On 23 - 25 January, the project partners of AIRinVET will facilitate a training for VET teachers and schoolleaders about how to involves SMEs, doing Applied and Innovative Research. Want to know more? Click here