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Applied Innovation and Research in Vocational Education and Training 

In January 2023, the AIRinVET project, about Applied Innovation and Research in Vocational Education and Training, commenced.  AIRinVET aims to support the green and digital transition by promoting applied innovation and research (AIR) in vocational education and training (VET) for small and medium-sized enterprices (SMEs) and industries, thereby contributing to European economic development and competitiveness.

The project partners involved, listed below this article, are dedicated to identifying VET centers involved in applied research, conducting case studies, and developing tools to facilitate SME’s participation in applied research and innovation. By collaborating with regional innovation agents, they will be working towards building a brighter future for Research & Development within VET. Peer learning and reviewing will also be facilitated.Throughout the project, the airinvet.euwebsite will serve as a platform for disseminating project results and the tools developed.

Added Value: Applied and Innovative Research in various types of education

Traditionally, research has been primarily associated with universities and higher education institutions. However, the value of applied and innovative research (AIR) in vocational education and training (VET) should not be overlooked. 

Numerous professional activities, such as the creation of various metals or the development of prototypes based on new ideas, constitute research, even if they haven't always been recognized as such. This type of research holds tremendous value not only for the sectors and businesses involved but also for society as a whole, particularly in driving the green and digital transition. Therefore, the AIRinVET project strives to shed light on this kind of applied research, as we require collaboration between VET schools and SMEs to share and spread new innovations and knowledge. Working closely together on applied and innovative research, VET institutions and SMEs will be more than the sum of its parts.


To facilitate the identification of applied and innovative research activities, the AIRinVET partners have compiled a Glossary containing terminology used to describe applied and innovative research within VET. If you're curious about the terminology we use, you can explore the Glossaryon our website.

The AIRinVET project is fortunate to receive funding from the Erasmus+ Programme, which recognizes the importance of applied and innovative research in VET.  

AIRinVET Project Partners are: 




  • ISSO 


  • BHH, Berufliche Hochschule Hamburg 

  • Hanse Parlament 

  • IMH