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Four Dimensions model of Katapult

During the AIRinVET Project Meeting in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on 26 and 27 of September (2023), all AIRinVET project partners were involved in a training about the Four Dimensions Model of Katapult, facilitated by Yorrick van Bree, Katapult.

The training focussed on the Four Dimensions that need to be taken into account when institutions of VET education and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises collaborate in doing Applied and Innovative Research. They will have different interests, which will need to be taken into account. Some will overlap, some will be different.  

The Four Dimensions covering those interests are:

  • Activities and Offer
  • Market
  • Business
  • People, Partners and Organization

Of course, these Dimensions need to be discussed when a Public Private Partnership is started up, but also during the scaling up. All dimensions are changing constantly, depending on the phase the collaboration is in. Some collaborations start ad-hoc, others started to do pilots, which can be repeated, managed and finally also optimized.

How to get from one phase to the next is something Katapult will address as well, also during the next training:  

On January 23 -25 the AIRinVET partners will provide a training for VET teachers and schoolleaders on how to involve SMEs, doing Applied Reasearch. This training will take in Hanburg, Germany, and will be free of costs. Would you like to know more? Please click here